Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My first blog entry

Hi All!

I started a blog. Cousins Ed and Cathy showed me how. Thank you guys.
OK, my first entry is a tribute to my late wife, Patti, who passed away suddenly on April 4, 2008. On June 4th, she would have turned 60 and on August 3rd, it would have been our 40th anniversary. I was planning a big year for her. Sadly, neither will happen.
The picture of her sits on my antique wooden frig in the dining room. This is a recent photo taken at Maria's, Patti's sister's home. It's a wonderful photo don't you agree. The bluebird in the cage to the right of the photo was given to me by my nieces, Talia and Tiana. You can wind the key to make the bird chirp which I do since one of Patti's favorite activities was bird watching.
Right now, I have a hard time looking at pics of her during our happy times but this one is the exception. I get happy when I see this photo and greet her every morning.
I am keeping busy to not dwell on my loss but guys, it's a tough slog and probably a long one.
I want to thank all of you who have sent me emails, cards, phone calls or made personal visits conveying sympathy and and a soft shoulder to lean on.
I will continue to blog on so please feel free to check back. This is my therapy.
All for now. I want to post it right away so you can see that now I am back online. I am learning things about the computer that would make Patti proud, thanks to friends like Eric, Cathy and Ed. Thanks you guys.
Adios for now,


I will miss your laughter, the little things like
cuddling each other while watching TV, our RV life
where we spent the happiest times, birding, hiking, wine-tasting
and eating cheese,
seeing you at your computer - your other life, and
your presence in my everyday life.
One day we will be united again, forever.
I will always love you my dear and never forget
the happiest times of my life. . .