Monday, March 2, 2015

Death Valley Photo Workshop

Chuck Haney, a professional photo-journalist from Whitefish, MT, sponsored a photography workshop in Death Valley in the last week of February.

With all its geologic wonders and brilliant colors, Death Valley is a visual wonderland and an ideal venue for a photo workshop.

The bonus - February is the ideal time to visit the desert.

I've known Chuck for more than a dozen years, first meeting him on the Sonoma Coast where he was on assignment to do an article for Adventure Cycling Magazine about cycle-touring the CA Northern Coast.

I and a few cycling friends were the photo subjects of the article and one of Chuck's photos graced the cover of the magazine.

Over the years, I followed Chuck's career and admired his photographic skills.  On my "to do" list was to take a photo workshop from Chuck the next time he hosted one in CA.

The February workshop was the time and two fellow photo-enthusiasts from Sacramento - Peter Saucerman and Surjit Dhillon - signed up and took the long trek to DV to attend the 5 day workshop.

We joined four other photographers from the Mid-West and Southern California.

Over 5 days, we visited Scotty's Castle, Golden Canyon, Bad Water, Artist's Palette, Jubilee Pass, and  Mequite Flat Sand Dunes.  We had two sessions per day - at sunrise and late afternoon, and one night session.

To view the album, click on "Death Valley Photo Workshop" below the photo:

From Death Valley Photo Workshop