Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sacto MoFo

Being a big fan of Eat Street on the Cooking Channel which features food trucks, I organized an informal bike ride around a really cool event called the Sacto MoFo. This one day event was held under the freeway near Southside Park. However, untimely blustery winter winds made the ride unappealing so we opted to go for a long walk instead.

Sacto Mo Fo (Sacramento Mobile Food Organization) is a group advocating for more food options in Sacramento. The group is focused on changing the current 30-minute city ordinance for mobile food trucks and raising awareness through organized events.

Today, they sponsored a big eating extravaganza with over 20 food trucks gathered under the I-80 freeway. Many trucks came from the bay area joining some of the best local mobile eateries.

Under bright blue skies, we started the walk from my house and completed a 5+mile walk around the downtown area

Taking the scenic route through the Broadway Cemetary - Mike D, Jim, Rich, Dennis, Herb, Kay and Mike B

We arrived at 11 a.m. when the event opened but there were already long lines at the popular trucks

A big part of the attraction of the food truck phenomena besides good-value grub are the cool graphics and colors of the trucks . . .

. . . and clever play on words

Corn bread

Always event t-shirts on sale

One of my favorites . . . cool conversion of VW van

The food was great - strawberry waffles and waffles with slab of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup

One of the most popular food trucks

A long line even before the event opened up

Herb and Kay stood in line for 1 hr for the pork belly bao sandwiches

Fans said it was worth the wait

I couldn't wait so I ordered a great hot dog from Drewski's

It was very gooood!!

Rich sizing up the menu at An the Go

Time for a good joe - Jim, Mike D, Dennis and Lizzy

JapaCurry, another real popular eatery

It's menu

This guy said the tonkatsu (pork) curry was pretty good

One of about 6 trucks from the Bay Area

Jim wolfing down a hefty gyro

Young foodies enjoying the day

Vegetarian food is hard to find but she found a couple deep fried potato dishes

Peter swung by on his Moulton

It was breezy and cool so we dragged the table into the sun

Dennis and Lizzy

Mike wolfing down 2 mini-burgers

It was really worth the wait at Chairman Bao's. . . Kay and pork belly burgers and two kinds of bao. The one closest is mine. Quite yummy!!

Through Capitol Towers

After the big eats, it was time to walk off the calories so we swing through the downtown area to complete our 5 mile walk

We didn't bike today but got some inspiration from a new piece of artwork

A brief stop on the K Mall

Couldn't end the day without some dessert . . . hitting the latest and greatest downtown hot-spot - Devine Gelateria

End of a great day!