Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mt. Diablo - The Grand Loop Hike

With heavy winter rains breaking the strangle-hold of four years of drought, the hills in Northern California are finally vibrantly green and beautiful.

Rich Blackmarr, the Sac County hike leader, selected the Grand Loop Trail on Mt. Diablo as the destination for the March hike.  Grand Loop, aptly named, circumnavigates the upper tier of Mt. Diablo and offers grand vistas in 360 degree directions.

The hike is rated very strenuous descending and climbing 2000' over 7 miles of pretty tough terrain.  But the superlative views from high vantage points makes the effort definitely worth-while.

It was a mildly cool but clear day at the top of Mt. Diablo and a fabulous day for a hike.

To view the hike album, click on "Mt. Diablo - Grand Loop Hike" below the photo:

From Mt. Diablo - Grand Loop Hike