Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mt. Diablo Hike

On September 8, 2013, a fire ignited on a private ranch in Perkins Canyon on the east slope of Mt. Diablo.  It raged out of control for four days burning approximately 3,100 acres on the east and south facing sides of the mountain.  The fire came within a 100' of the summit where the Visitor Center and two communication towers are located.

Remarkably, no dwellings or people were lost.  The Perkins Canyon Fire was the biggest fire on the mountain since 1977.

Rich Blackmarr, leader of the Sac. County Hikers, organized today's hike to view the aftermath of this fire on the mountain vegetation.  Being the month of April, the wildflowers were in peak bloom and the hillsides verdant from the recent February rains.  And with sunny blue skies, it was the ideal time to visit Mt. Diablo.

The hike, about a 5 mile out and back, took the North Peak Trail from the Summit Parking Lot near the top of Mt. Diablo to a turn-around point on the Prospector Gap Trail.  The trail dropped and gained approximately 2,000'.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wendy Murayama Ex. Order 9066 Tag Exhibit and San Jose Japan Town

An extraordinary art exhibit entitled "The Tag Project" was taking place at the San Jose Contemporary Art Institute.  Artist Wendy Murayama recruited hundreds of assistants to write names on ID tags of over 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, mostly US citizens, who were shipped off to internment camps at the beginning of WWII.

The 120,000 tags were strung together into ten towering bundles hung from the Institute ceiling.  The internee tags were segregated by the ten relocation camps scattered across the US during WWII.

My two sisters, Yuki and Emi, at ages 10 and 5 respectively were two of those internees.  I asked them if they would be interested in seeing the exhibit.

In the back of my mind, I thought it would be interesting if we could find their tags and other family members amongst the 120,000 tags on exhibit.

You never know, we could get lucky.

After seeing the Tag Exhibit, we drove over to Japan Town to visit the Japanese-Ameican Museum and tour around J-Town, which I haven't seen since my college days, nearly 40 years ago.  It was a literal trip down Memory Lane.

Fortunately, Japan-Town has flourished over the decades and still intact.  This neighborhood consists of museums, shops and art galleries, restaurants, residential, and the San Jose Buddhist Church.

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From Wendy Maruyama Exec. Order 9066 Tag Project and San Jose Japan Town

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Palm Springs Modernism Week

The Annual Modernism Week took place in Palm Springs in mid-February.  I attended this unique event with Tom Graham and Lisa Foster who own an Eichler home in Sacramento.  Tom and Lisa are avid members of Sac Mod and are passionate modernist enthusiasts.

Modernism Week actually spans 11 days and is a festival celebrating mid-century (1940-60) modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture in Palm Springs. The festival attracts architects, designers, collectors and modernism aficionados from around the world.  Last year, approximately 40,000 enthusiasts attended the festival.

More than 150 events - home tours, films, lectures, bus tours, nightly parties, vintage fashion shows, and garden tours - are scheduled during the run of the festival.  In addition, there were a modernist art and furniture sale, vintage period car and RV shows.  Over 9 days, we participated in eight events.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

SF Hike

Another gorgeous day in January and a fantastic day hike by the Sacramento County Hikers in the Golden Gate Heights District of San Francisco.  This very hilly neighborhood lies south of Golden Gate Park and is known for it's network of artistic tiled stair pathways.

About 24 hikers participated in the hike of approximately 6 miles led by our intrepid leader Rich Blackmarr.  Rich plotted a loop route that weaved its way up and down many staircases with stops at some hilltop parks with heady panoramic views of San Francisco, the ocean, and the Marin coastline.

On the drive down to SF, we crossed the new east span of the Bay Bridge.  The slick new approach to downtown SF was a fitting start to an absolutely beautiful day.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Berkeley Hike

During the winter months, the Sacramento County Hikers led by Rich Blackmarr, head to the Bay Area for some urban hiking just in case the weather turns foul.  We can always duck into a coffeehouse or restaurant should it begin raining.

But here it is . . . it's almost Thanksgiving and we're still enjoying an extended Indian Summer.  The day started out cool and windy but by the end of the day, the winds calmed down and the temps were toasty.  A perfect day for a hike.

Rich planned another excellent urban hike tackling the steep stairs and meandering streets of North Berkeley and Kensington neighborhoods.

The approximately 7 mile hike started out near the Solano Boulevard commercial district and meandered via many flights of steps and steep streets over the ridge into Tilden Park where we stopped for lunch.

We climbed back over the ridge on the Memory Trail and down to the starting point stopping at several wonderful neighborhood parks -  Dorothy Bolte, John Hinkel, Indian Rock and Contra Costa Rock Parks.

These urban hikes are very popular and about 30 hikers participated in today's hike

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Remembering Mike 1949 - 2013

Mike Broderick led an amazing and improbable life - world traveler, mountain climber, hiker, and most of all, a world-class cycling fanatic.  There aren't many places on this planet he hasn't left his mark.

He had a beautiful home in East Sacramento and a loving and supportive spouse in Barbara who allowed Mike to follow his passion and travel to far away places with his buddies.  He was one very lucky dude.

Our two worlds came together about 4 years ago after he retired from a long and successful career in state government.  Having very similar interests, it didn't take long for us to bond and establish a strong and meaningful friendship.

I am grateful to say that we went on some incredible journeys together both state-side and over-seas before he sadly succumbed to pancreatic cancer on November 6, 2013.

Mike would always ask me, "is this blog worthy?" when taking a photo of him on one of our many ventures and outings.  Having somewhat high standards for the photos I include in my blogs, I would coyly answer, "I'll have to see how it turns out on my computer."

To honor the memory of Mike, I went through my blog archives and selected some of my favorite photos and created this special tribute to Mike.

So Mike, I want to finally answer your quires.

Yes, my friend, you are definitely blog worthy.

Here's a look back at the good times I shared with Mike.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sacramento AIA Architectural Bike Tour

The second annual AIA architectural bike tour focused on new developments on or near the R Street Corridor extending from 7th Street out to Oak Park.  With the recovery of the real estate economy, many mixed use residential/commercial projects are being developed on the corridor transforming a decaying warehouse district into exciting new urban mixed-use neighborhoods.

About 30 urban enthusiasts participated in the bike tour and enjoyed a beautiful fall day cycling through downtown streets visiting about 11 projects.  The tour was organized and led by two local architects - Bob Chase and Peter Saucerman.

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From Sacramento AIA Architectural Bike Tour