Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hope Valley Overlook Hike

Today's hike to Hope Valley rates a 10-10-10. A 10 for the glorious colors of the quaking aspens, a 10 for the beautiful fall weather, and a 10 for the congeniality of the hiking group.

Howdy Hoover (yes, that's his real name), our hike leader, started monthly mid-week day hikes - Howdy Hikes - in the last year and this was the first one that I was able to participate in.

And what an awesome day for my inaugural Howdy Hike.

With the high Sierra aspens in prime-time color, Howdy selected the Hope Valley Overlook Trail near Sorenson's Resort on Hwy 88 as the October hike. The trail ascends 1,200' to a basalt escarpment high above picturesque Hope Valley. The RT hike distance is about 5+ miles.

An enthusiastic group of 11 veteran hikers met at Sorenson's Resort and enjoyed a picture perfect day viewing the marvelous fall colors under blue skies and ideal temperatures in the high 60's.

Here are highlights from today's hike.

The Hope Valley Overlook trail-head is located near Sorenson's Resort and climbs 1,200' for about 2 1/2 miles

Gathering at Hwy 88 under a canopy of golden aspens

The aspens at Sorenson's in glorious color

At an overlook of Sorenson's cabins

Trail covered with a blanket of aspen leaves

Howdy, the hike leader, with Dick, Bonnie, Carol, Terry, and Herb

Our destination lies ahead - a volcanic basalt escarpment


Taking a break and Rich checking map. Are we on the right track?

Reaching our destination - a cliff overlooking a clump of aspens

Terry and Rich at the edge

Herb on the edge

Overlooking a meadow across Hwy 88 from Sorenson's

On cliff overlooking Hope Valley

A great place for lunch

The rim of basalt cliff offers spectacular views of Hope Valley and Sierra peaks

A view of Pickett's Junction where Hwy 88 and 89 meet

Totally awesome views

Freel Peak on horizon to the right lies on the east-side of Lake Tahoe. Freel Peak at 10, 881' is the highest peak on the Lake Tahoe Rim Trail.

Gold and orange aspens line Hwy 88

Group photo of hikers - Rich, Linda, Tom, Bonnie, Katrina, Howdy, Dick, Carol, Terry and me.
Herb taking photo.

The trail meanders through the cabins at Sorenson's Resort

I was told brown spots on aspen leaves may have been caused by recent snow storm or perhaps, some kind of disease. Hopefully, the former.

What ever the cause, the patterns on the leaves are beautiful

End of beautiful hike. Thanks Howdy for organizing today's fantastic hike.

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Hats & Taps said...

Looks like a gorgeous hike, Geno! Wonderful pics but I think my favorite is the leaves and shadows against the wood cabin wall! Marie