Monday, May 18, 2009

On the Road Again

Happy days are here again! The winter blues are a thing of the past and I dusted off and pulled Musubi, my little rice ball tear-drop trailer out of the garage and hit the road. I joined Herb, Dick, Bob Anderson and a few other Wheelmen RV'ers at Casini Ranch RV Campground on the beautiful Russian River in Sonoma County.

For Herb, Bob and I, this was a two-part camping trip spread over 8 days with the first 5 days riding with a large contingent of the Sacramento Wheelmen on the May Zodiac trip to the north coast. More than 50 club members took over several motels in nearby Guerneville and spent 3 glorious days cycling the hills and valleys of the Sonoma Coast.

On the last 2 days, we drove over to Anderson near Redding to participate in the Anderson Park Century Ride, a gem of a century ride taking place in the foothills near Lassen National Park.

Note: Click on pic to enlarge

Setting up camp at Casini Ranch, a quiet and picturesque campground on the lanquid Russian River near Duncan Mills.

Herb and Dick rigged up their vans to sleep in. We're all getting soft in our old age.
A stone's throw away is the beautiful Russian River

Early morning mist rising from the river

Riding on Highway 1 on the spectacular Sonoma Coast

Meeting up with the Wheelmen in Occidental for a ride on Coleman Valley Road over the coastal hills to the ocean

Big Bob descending Coleman Valley Road, a dramatic drop of 1,000', to Hwy 1 with awesome views

Photo opp time with Bob at one of the overlooks

Herb and Bob

Regrouping at Hwy 1 - Herb, Jerry, Dale and Bob

Time for lunch - hearty clam chowder at Spud Point Crab Co. in Bodega Bay

OK, suck it in!! Sandy, John, Robert and Tom.

At another one of my favorite eateries - Howard's Cafe in Occidental

Dave Storm invited all the campers to his rig for BBQ salmon dinner - Brian, BBob, Sharon, and Ray

BBob, who relocated to Temecula, makes a triumphant return visit with his new squeeze Sharon. They met on the intenet.

Cocktail time - Joe and Herb waiting for salmon dinner

After 3 grueling days riding in the mountains, we took a day off and hiked around Goat Rock State Park at the mouth of the Russian River

The yellow bush lupines were in full bloom

Looking for whales and boids on the Sonoma Coast

A remnant of rail line on the beach. Go figure?

After 5 days, we drove from the north coast to the upper Sacramento Valley and set up camp at the Sacramento River RV Resort in Anderson. Musubi has a fantastic view of the fast moving Sacramento River.

The gnarly cottonwood was home to a colony of acorn woodpeckers and many other birds.

A few cycling friends from Nevada City and Sacramento set up camp and joined us for the Anderson Park Century Ride

Life is good! Lounging on the banks of the river.

Dinner before the big ride - L-R Ken Ebi, Jim Mullen (both from Nevada City), Herb, Bob Anderson (from Santa Rosa), and Peter Saucerman (from Sacramento).

Getting our bikes prepped and ready for the century ride. In 105 degree heat, all six of us miraculously completed the 100 mile ride in over 8 hours. The route climbed 6,400+' in the scenic foothills west of Lassen National Park.

A great way to end 8 days of camping and cycling in Northern California.