Friday, November 12, 2010

Trekking Annapurna - - Days 3 - 5

The 2nd night, we stayed in a guesthouse (hotel)

Time to take off the boots and relax after a long day on the trail

Early morning sun lights up a village on other side of the valley

A river-side cafe cantilevers over the river

The donkey is the primary beast of burden in Nepal. We encountered many donkey trains on the trails.

A funny donkey tale. Seems like there is always one donkey lolly-gagging behind the main group. I followed this guy for quite a long time. He stopped often munching on the weeds.

The lolly-gagger on the right . . . marched to its own drummer

Stopping off to admire a beautiful rainbow waterfall

China cabinet at a local eatery

Amar, the "sherpa trainee" who Mick brought from the Umbrella Orphanage. See blog entry of "Umbrella Foundation Ophanage."

A bridge crossing a raging river

Don't look down!!

Totally Awesome!

Tumultuous cascading waterfall. Note blue building to right. This comparison gives you an idea of the size and magnitude of raging waterfall.

Click on pic once/twice for great close up view.

Kate and Ubang letting donkey train go by

View of Tal Village where we camped at Buddhist Temple grounds

Our donkeys climbing cliff-side trail to Tal

Cresting last big hill before dropping into Tal

Our campground in Tal

Jo's house

Neat head dress on one of our donkeys

Passing waterfall blasting trail

Two mountain bikers riding across bridge

Click on pic for enlargement

Talk about gnarly. Two fully-loaded cyclists riding the entire Annapurna Circuit. An amazing feat.

Trail passing through many villages

We visited an ancient Buddhist Monastery in a mountain village. The color scheme used on building details were rich and colorful. See following pics for details of buildings.

Mick climbing log ladder at monastery

We set up camp in school yard in village of Danakyu

Dawa serving tea/coffee at 6 a.m. in our tent

Donkey feed bags

Shama getting ready to load the donkeys

Upward and onward

Clouds part revealing another big peak

Trail takes us through thick forest

At campground in Koto, Mike plays patty-cake with local boy

Our campground in yard of guesthouse in Koto

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FJ said...

Geno -- I was on this trek in Oct 2009. Your pics are fantastic and you've thoroughly documented it from so many perspectives.Thanks for posting! I hope you don't mind that I've linked to your blog from my Facebook page.