Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 Sacramento Cyclefest

The Sacramento Cyclefest held its 3rd annual event today at Southside Park.  Over 300 bicycles of all descriptions were on display including art bikes, low-riders, rat-rod bikes, and really cool kids bikes.  Custom bike-builders from throughout Northern California were in attendance.

Like the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) held earlier in Sacramento, the creativity and quality of craftsmanship were outlandish and outstanding.  I guess you can call this event, a low-key counter point to the high-profile NAHBS.

This event scored a 10 of 10 on the weirdness scale . . . what a fantastical event!

For enlarged photo, click on the first photo and scroll through the album at the bottom of the page

There were 23 trophy categories.  The design of the trophies equaled the funkiness of the bikes.
Very cool fish-bowl trophy

Boom Box Bike
Electric Trike Bike

Most of the bike-builders at this event were unconventional and marched to a different drummer
A group from the Sacramento Bike Polo Club arrived with their custom bikes

Bike Polo Players
Custom tatoo decals appeal to a hard-core group
Spinning a tall yarn . . .

Another fella' showed up with a yarn bike

US Postal Service unveils new bike stamps

A mini-high wheeler

Amazing craftsmanship and details

Looks like a bed headboard bike

Steve from Bike Valet was marketing his new designer bike rack

The following kids bikes were truly amazing works of art

The following are some fantastic rat road bikes

Mad Max Rat Rod Bike