Monday, November 17, 2008

Cute and Cool Cars, Trucks and RV's

Japan is a leading manufacturer of innovative tiny vehicles. It was fun and amusing to see many dinky cars, trucks and rv's while we were touring around the country. I took a few photos of some of the more interesting ones.

The first couple photos below are Shigefume's cool roadster who caught up with us on the road on our first day of touring. He has a yen for fast cars, motorcycles, and kayaks.

Note: To view enlarged photo, mouse over picture and click

These small vans are real popular and saw them everywhere

Cool Diahatsu roadster

We were surprised to see RV's in Japan. I parked my BF next to it for size comparison purposes. This is actually one of the larger ones we saw.

This really tiny motorhome is sooo cute and cool. It's not much bigger than my teardrop trailer. I wish I could bring it home.

Sufer dude's tiny van

I may be able to squeeze my BF in the bed of this truck?

Cool grill to this van

This small utility truck is very popular with the farmers

This is my favorite shooort bed truck. So short in fact that I would have to fold up the Bike Friday but so very cool. See funny front below.

Note location of steering wheel

Another cool little van

New retro looking coupe

Japanese version of a Smart Car (?)

Mini-Coopers are real popular here

I like the big window retro look to this older van. Rear view of same car below.


dAwN said...

Did you get to go into any of those rvs? cool cars..gotta get ford, gm making us smaller cars.

Alex said...

Hey Geno, cool pictures man. I really enjoyed the tiny RVs... I showed my visitors your tiny motorhome pics at my blog. I think we'll start seeing "rigs" like those in the U.S. soon! Later, Alex