Monday, November 17, 2008

Totally Incredible Toto Toilets!!

OK fans, I went off the deep-end and developed a toilet fetish on this trip. Restrooms in Japan are amazing. So modern and clean it would make the Swiss green with envy.

If you still have some money left in your portfolio, invest it in Toto toilet stocks. They control about 99% of the toilet market in Japan. If we're lucky, we may see them imported here.

The innovations are these: heated seats, a retractable water squirter (warm water, of course) to wash your nether regions for doing #2 for all, #1 for females, a control panel on the right-side, and most have electronic flushers so you don't have to touch anything.

Watch out! . . . like Toyota, Toto toilets will soon take over the world!!

Amazing Toto toilet open for "business!"

Control panel on the side where you can control the water temperature, direction you want the squirter directed (back or front), on/off button for squirter.

In this particular toilet stall, there is a seat to sit your baby while you take care of "business." Amazing how they think of all contingencies.

Above two photos show how immaculate the restrooms are at a Way Station (restaurant rest stop). This was the rule and not the exception in Japan.

In hotels, youth hostels, ryokans, there are special toilet slippers you slip on when you visit the restroom. You only use these slippers in the restrooms and no where else.

The level of fastidiousness in Japan is off the charts.

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dAwN said...

Ok i thought i posted a comment on this already..but i guess something happennd..well anyway..i almost expected to see u on one of the toilets...ha...
Were they water saving toilets?