Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hiking Japan - Rishiri Fuji Mountain

Our second big hike was tackling Rishiri-Fuji Mountain, elev. 5,645', on the island of Rishiri, a beautiful small island off the north-west coast of Hokkaido.

This 7 mile RT hike was brutal with 3/4th of the trail going straight up the mountain over very rocky terrain. The footing was treacherous. Hanging on to ropes and tree branches assisted us at the steep sections on the ascent and descent.

The day started out clear and sunny but fog and clouds moved in as we approached the summit which obscured the views. Total bummer since the views of the main island and adjacent Rebun Island would have been stunning. To add insult to injury, the winds really picked up and it started to rain on the way down.

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Sign at the trailhead. Your guess is as good as mine as to what it says.

We encountered numerous backpackers on the way up

A ferry leaving the harbor. We rode the really cool bike path and crossed the bridge the day before (See first blog entry "Tips on Cycling Japan" for more info on bike path).

About half-way up. The day started out beautifully but was not to last.

The summit comes into view. The trail follows the knife edge to the right.
The weather is still clear.

Andrew and Korey catches up with me

Trail snakes its way through low-growing bamboo bushes

As I approach the top, the fog comes sweeping in. Total bummer!

Ropes keeps hikers from tumbling off the edge to the right. It gets very steep near the top.

Time for a quick foto at the summit in front of a small shrine. Two thumbs up for bagging my second big peak.

Fog and winds really picked up so I hustled back down the mountain. It started to rain on the descent so it was a brutal and treacherous return trip.

The 7 mile; 3,000' RT hike took 6 hours.

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dAwN said...

Great hike...I can understand why you came home thinner..Now its time to add your winter some muffins...ha