Thursday, October 13, 2011

Red Rabbit Ride

Jim and Al in front of the big Red Rabbit

Sacramento has a grand spanking new airport terminal which has received rave reviews. Terminal B is a lofty 4-story atrium full of light and art. The new terminal and concourse cost $1 billion, the largest public works project in Sacramento County history, and the art budget was $8 million.

Today, Jim Regan, Al Marshall, and I took a bike ride out to the airport to check out the new building. We met Bob Tribe and Mike Broderick at the airport for a tour and snacks at the Old Soul Coffeehouse.

Here are pics of the new terminal for a quickie tour:

Nice landscaping complements new Terminal B

No bike racks so we lock our bikes to a railing outside the new terminal

The leaping red rabbit greets passengers as they come down the escalator. The enormous size of the rabbit dominates the large interior space.

Big Red leaping down into a giant suitcase on the first floor

In contrast to steel, glass and neutral colors, Big Red really stands out

The suitcase with hole below the rabbit. Can the symbolism of the rabbit jumping into the hole mean that it will pop out in some other part of the world as many of the passengers will?

What ever the artist intended, I think it's a pretty cool piece.

Maze of escalators connecting three floors of Terminal B

Another major mural near one of the ticket counters

The 3rd floor has a series of terrazzo murals

Bob checking out green bird cages hung above the bird floor

Another floor mural

The automatic people mover wisks passengers from the terminal to the gateway concourse

The people mover heading out to the concourse

Al says the wooden rockers are very comfortable

One-Eye Jack and Jim rocking away

Old Soul Coffee is one of the new vendors on the "land-side" of the terminal. A great place for grabbing a good cup-o-joe.

Laughin' n scratchin' at Old Soul

We were all very impressed with the architecture and grand scale of the new terminal. The 4-story window wall floods the interior with natural light, the layout and organization of airport functions appear well thought out, the public spaces are airy and spacious, the furniture comfortable, and showcasing local retailers and eateries is a nice touch.

Big Red Rabbit will certainly give people arriving in Sacramento a memorable first impression, hopefully a positive one. Being a contemporary art-nut, I think it's a hoot!

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Eric & Marie said...

Love the pics and tour! I saw the red rabbit for the first time this am while dropping off relatives at 5:30 am. It was quite impressive even at that hour and through the window! Thanks, Geno! Marie