Saturday, September 8, 2012

Where Mountains Meet the Prairie - Waterton and Glacier National Parks

Leaving the Rockies and heading to the high plains on Hwy 507. Our destination today - Pincher Creek

Crossing Yarrow Creek

Hwy 507 with little traffic, good shoulder and pavement was simply heaven 

Amazing roller coast road

It was a picture perfect day for us but looks like it could be windy out here

Mural in Pincher Creek

Hwy 6 from Pincher Creek to Waterton was even better

Aptly named "Where the Mountains Meet the Prairie"

Truly magnificent!

The Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton National Park

Commanding view of Waterton Lake

After 17 days, the mosquitos finally disappeared so we broke out the tents and camped in the town campground for 3 nights

The view of Waterton from the trail

On our first layover day, we took a day hike to Bertha Lake, a 2000' 7 mile RT hike

Bertha Falls (above and below)

View of Lake Waterton from the trail

Arriving at Bertha Lake

Lunch time at beautiful Bertha Lake

Bear Grass

Another view of Waterton Lake from the trail

Deer freely roam the town

Taking a boat ride on Waterton Lake

The view from the south end of the lake

On the 2nd layover day, Frank and I took a ride up to Red Rock Canyon

Why its called Red Rock Canyon . . .

We took a short hike to Blackenston's Fall

Dramatic low cloud formations over Waterton

Leaving Waterton on Hwy 6 to US border and Glacier National Park, a grueling 6 mile climb to summit @5,342'

At US/Canada border, a mule pack train was heading out to the wilderness

Reflection in Lake St. Mary

The next series of photos were taken on the Going to the Sun highway in Glacier National Park. We rode east to west to Logan Pass, a distance of 17 miles.  Easy for first half then about 5% average for last 5 miles to summit.

Great t-shirt on the back of a motorcyclist at Rising Sun Cafe

Another view of Lake St. Mary

Parking next to Jammer Bus

At Logan Pass and it's beginning to spit.  Time to don rain gear.

At the top and beginning of awesome 22 mile descent to Lake McDonald

Guaranteed to see mountain goats at summit

Road descends below Garden Wall

Down into the valley we go . . .

At ranger station in Apgar, west end of Lake McDonald

Breathtaking view of mountain range across Lake McDonald

Misty sunrise

We spent 2 nights at motel in Apgar

Mike checking his email

High time for a haircut Frank!

A day hike to Avalanche Lake

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