Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Delta Do Bike Tour - 5/19 - 5/21

Twelve members of the Sacramento Wheelmen participated in the annual tour of the Sacramento River Delta led and organized by our trusted leader, Dave Storm. The tour named Delta Do covers approximately 150 miles over 3 days.

The ride started in West Sacramento and the first day's ride travelled through farmlands of Yolo County and communities of Woodland and Winters and ended at the Solano County Campground along picturesque Putah Creek.

The second day, the route wound through the foothills of Pleasant Valley Road, through Vacaville and the windswept hills of the Montezuma Hills to Rio Vista and the Sandy Beach County Park. A 30 mph tailwind blew us into Rio Vista from Birds Landing.

The third day, the route looped back up the Sacramento River, crossing on river ferries, along the bayous and sloughs of the Delta, through Clarksburg and along the river to Sacramento. The 3rd day was a tough slog with the typical strong tailwinds sweeping in from the Bay Area abruptly changing directions and gusting from 20-40 mph from the north.

This was my first time participating in this mini-tour. My fellow riders were fun people and we all had a blast inspite of fierce winds encountered in the Delta. We ate most of our meals in cafes with a few snacks in camp so it was a pretty lux tour.

My Bike Friday set-up for it's first loaded tour worked out quite well. The 2-wheeled suitcase trailer pulled alot easier than I anticipated and much better than the one-wheeled BOB trailer that I previously used. But next time, I want to go with full panniers and see how this works out.

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At Bird's Landing, I take a break at the tavern for a cool one before we hit the Montezuma Hills

Touring the Rio Vista riverfront with my Bike Friday

The twin towered Hwy 12 Lift Bridge crossing the Sacramento River north of Rio Vista

Our leader Dave Storm enduring 30+ mph gusting winds at the Sandy Beach Campground. Note bike shorts (upper left hanging from tree) flapping in the high winds.

A fine dinner at the Point Restaurant overlooking the river in Rio Vista. L-R clockwise - Dave, John, Sally, Kris, Ralph, Chris, and me (enjoying grilled salmon dinner). Great food and even better company.

A reststop at the historic Shiloh Church, circa 1875, near Bird's Landing

The Bird family grave stones behind the Shiloh Church

Taking a break at the historic Myrtle Tavern in Bird's Landing

Chris ready for a tall cool one at Myrtles Tavern

Myrtles Tavern is a veritable museum chock full of historic photos, newspaper headlines, and artifacts. The tavern is stuck out in the middle of nowhere. I just luv' places like this.

The posse ready to roll in West Sac - L-R - Ralph, Chris, Dave, Sally, John, Ed, Paul, Andy, Mike, and me sitting on the Samsonite Suitcase trailer. Missing - Ralph and Kris.

Picturesque Lake Solano County Park west of Winters

My campground site at Solano County Park

The card sharks playing Up and Down. L-R - Ralph, Sally, John, Kris, and Chris. Paul looking on.

The non-card players preparing dinner at Solano Park - L-R- Ralph, Mike and Ed

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dAwN said...

So I guess the bike set up worked well...why doesnt the picture show your bike with the trailer attached?
Did you leave it at the campground and tour without it? glad you had a good time...