Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Patti !!

June 4, 2008

It is an understatement to say today is a rather poignant day for me. If Patti were alive today, it would be her 60th birthday. Boy, what would I have done for her to celebrate the BIG "60!"? We were usually not big celebrators of birthdays nor anniversaries but this certainly would have been a special year. Through the years, we both felt that being together everyday was a gift in itself and we didn't need to buy each other any baubles to affirm our love.

That being said, at the very least, we would probably have gone out to a nice dinner with some of our closest friends and broken out one of her favorite wines - Penman Springs Petite Sarah for one. There would be other fine vintages brought to the dinner by our friends I'm sure. It's become a great tradition. She would want it to be a nice simple celebration which is one of one of her endearing qualities - unpretentious and keep it simple. She is not one to make a big deal or bring attention to herself.

However, being travel nuts, we would have probably picked a warm place to visit for our next winter trip as her delayed birthday present. We tend to do things like this. It would have been either Southeast Asia or South America which we talked about doing in the coming year.

So tonight my dear, I will pick out one of your favorite Paso Robles wines and make a toast to you on your 60th birthday.

Happy Birthday my dear Patti !! Luv', Huz

I continue to add to her "shrine" by adding a beautiful thank you card (with flying egret) from Pacific Wildlife Care in Morro Bay for donations made in her name; insert of b/w photo of her high school graduation picture which I kept in my wallet for 44+ years; my Tour of the Unknown Coast Century Patch, the arduous 100 mile ride I dedicated to her; and a pic of us when we were sooo young. A couple of hippies!

Oh, about the funky sculpture on the right. We picked it up in Chicago years ago and it found a permanent home on the antique ice box. They are sad that Patti is gone too.

I'm ready to transplant the four sunflower seedlings which sprouted from the seeds given out at her memorial service. The seeds were sent by Dawn, our RV friend.

Sprouts in the ground. Patti's spirit and I will watch them grow over the summer.

Winter food for our birdy friends!!


dAwN said...

Happy Birthday to our Dear Patti! Jeff and I will join you for the toast from the east coast and sing a loud and off key Happy Birthday to a beautiful star.
Hope your sprouts grow into large sunflowers...looks like you prepared a nice bed for them...better fence them off from that crazy cat.

Julie & Michael said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Patti!!!!
Julie and I will also raise a glass of Tobin James this evening as we sit here in Cayucos looking out at Morro Rock to toast Patti.
Thank you Geno and Patti for touching our family in such a wonderful way.