Monday, May 5, 2008

Patti's Celebration of Life Memorial, 4/19/08

Patti's Memorial was held at the Roseville Maidu Community Center. Over 250 family members and friends from the area and from distant places attended. The memorial was a moving and beautiful event and a fitting tribute to a kind, considerate, artistic, and very talented soul.

Dick Fraschetti and Jim Regan did a masterful job as the co-masters of ceremony and provided an appropriate level of levity in a somber event. Terry Kuntz made a video slide show of Patti's life encompassing her baby pictures, childhood days, and life with me highlighted with pictures of all our wonderful travels. The video was most moving and not a dry eye in the hall was evident.

Jan Fraschetti organized a Memory Table and Emi Fukushima made a photo board of Patti's life.

A wonderful buffett was provided by caterer Chef's Affaire along with dishes brought by family and friends. Some of Patti's favorite wines were also served.

The following pictures were taken Eric Saur and Peter Saucerman.

Note: To view enlarged photo, mouse over picture and click

"Please sign the Guest Book" - Nephew Tod, Brother Ed, and niece Misa greeted guests at the door

Work Party - folding napkins before the guests arrived. Cousin Karen (right of Dick) made center piece flower arrangements for 30 tables.

Let the wine flow! Ralph Lemeur uncorking Bogle Petite Sarah, one of Patti's favorite wines

The guests start arriving. The room was filled to the max.

Patti's sister, Maria, and sister-in-law, Melena

Jens, husband of niece Sara, Terry Kuntz, Maria's husband, and nephew Steven

Friends Mike, Pat and Alice

Talking with friends Nancy and Hilde

Front - Aunt Mary, Uncle Mas, and cousin Arlene
Back - Cousin Karen, daughter Stacy, cousin Bob and wife Agness, John (Arlene's husband) and Ron (Karen's husband)

Friends from Southern California - Sadie and Dwaine Batt talking with
Kris and Ralph

Dennis and Marty Renault, old friends from Monterey

My meditation friends and neighbors Peter Saucerman and Susan Twining

Dick Frascheitti (center) with cousin Arlene and husband John

Cycling friends Dave Storm, Brian Groves and Peter Becker

Jan Fraschetti organized Patti's Memory Table showcasing her artwork, favorite wines, hobbies and travel pictures

Jan putting the final touches to the Memory Table and holding basket we bought in Belize, our last foreign travel together

Some of Patti's early artwork - woven wall hangings and tiny sheep collection

More from the memory table- Picture of Patti and me from our 1985 trip to Japan

Patti's birdhouses decorated with buttons and shells from Morro Bay. She was an ardent Obama supporter too. Please vote for him in memory of Patti you all!!

Sunflower seed packets mailed to the Memorial from our RV friends from the east-coast, Dawn and Jeff Fine. Plant them and watch them grow in memory of Patti.

Patti's Photo Board prepared by my sister Emi

Emi with Eric Saur in front of Patti's photo board

Wonderful and delicious buffett prepared by Chef's Affaire and home-made dishes brought by friends and family

Jim Regan and Dick Fraschetti who did a superb job as co-masters of ceremony. Jim and Dick were Patti's best wine-drinking buddies on many visits to the Paso Robles wine country.

At the end, I express my appreciation and gave big "thank you's" to everyone who helped out with the Memorial and those who attended the affair. I could not have been any happier with the way it all came together. I felt Patti's spirit orchestrating the entire event it went so smoothly.

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Jay Mather said...

You continue to be strong Geno. Posting these pictures is a gift to those of us who couldn't attend. Thanks for sharing.