Saturday, May 17, 2008

Preparing Bike Friday for first loaded tour

I'm getting ready for my first loaded tour on my new Bike Friday, a folding bike. The first tour is a short 3-day venture with the Sacramento Wheelmen who are making a loop from Sacramento to Winters (Putah Creek Campground) on the first day, then to Rio Vista (Brannan Island Campground) on the second day, and finally a ride up the Sacramento River back to Sacramento on the third day. The name of the tour is the "Delta Doo" and the total riding distance will be around 150 miles.

What's unique about this tour is I will be using the Samsonite suitcase which turns into a trailer to haul all the camping gear and misc. items. The reason I bought the BF ( is that the bike folds up and can be stored in the suitcase for easier transport, particularly on airplanes for any overseas travel. I am planning a 2-month tour of Japan in the fall so this tour will be a nice practice run.

The following pics shows how I pack the suitcase and turn it into a little trailer which is attached to the bike. It's quite remarkable.

All my gear (tent, sleeping bag, pad, clothes, toiletries, food and cooking gear) stashes nicely into the suitcase

Close the suitcase and it becomes a trailer. Note the trailer tongue with the knurl which attaches to the bike.

Hooking the trailer to the bike

OK, I'm ready to roll!!


dAwN said...

That has got to be one of the coolest things ever.
Can we fit in the suitcase and go with you? of course we would want to ride in the trailer as well...maybe we could take over peddleing in the flat areas to give you a rest...

Jay Mather said...

That's a very downsized 5th wheeler. Enjoy the ride!