Saturday, November 22, 2008


Either out in the wilds or in museums, we saw a few indigenous birds, bugs and mammals. It was fun to see new critters found in Asia.

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I've come across shoe trees before but a bird tree is a first. While riding through a small town, we came across a tree full of birds created by a local artist. So funny and so cool!

Either a raven or a big crow. These noisey guys were found all over Hokkaido, in the wild or in city parks. They are quite large with a long, big bill so it appears to be more like a raven. In a museum, I saw a stuffed one and it was labeled "Jungle Crow". So I don't know. Like our ravens, they are very clever and crafty and saw one pick through a hiker's lunch.

A big white stuffed owl

A couple colorful dragonflies

A scary looking sea eagle next to a cute fox

Snow rabbit and red fox

A Japanese Akita (a live one)

A common duck, specie's unknown

Koi and two ducks

We saw this monkey right next to the road

This scary looking spider is very common . . . and HUGE!! We saw them everywhere. We were told that they are not poisonous.

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dAwN said...

that was fun looking at the critters..loved the bird tree...