Saturday, March 28, 2009

Folsom Lake Crossing

On a beautiful spring day, Frank, Eric, Dennis and I rode our bikes to Folsom to participate in the celebration of the opening of the Folsom Lake Crossing, a new bridge spanning 1,000' over the American River. The new bridge constructed about 100 meters down stream from Folsom Dam will link the communities of El Dorado Hills with Granite Bay and provide much traffic relief to Folsom's Historic District and residential neighborhood.

The $139 million project consists of 4 lanes and a wide bike/pedistrian path on the north side of the bridge. For cyclists, this new connector will provide another great link to the foothills from the American River Parkway and another means of crossing the river.

An aerial photo of Folsom Dam prior to the construction of the new bridge. The narrow 2-lane road on the top of the dam was closed to auto/cyclist access after the 9/11 terrorist attack on NY's Twin Towers.

The new bridge constructed 100 meters away from the dam face now provides fantastic views of the dam and river.

The view of the dam outfall from the new bridge about 100 meters down stream.

Before the ribbon was cut, speeches from the local politicos and music from the Folsom High School marching band

A proud day for the City of Folsom with many dignitaries in attendance

The Folsom High School marching band provided the pomp!

Two happy flag gals of the marching band

The first view of the American River from a new perspective - from the middle of the bridge

The bridge was closed to auto traffic for most of the day to allow peds and cyclists exclusive use - Pretty Kool!!

This guy was advocating the new bridge be named Johnny Cash Crossing. Folsom Prison is located a stone's throw away.

Frank and Eric on the new bridge

Me and Frank 200' over the river

Frank, Dennis and me with a grand view of the old dam

A wide ped/bike path was incorporated into the bridge design providing a new short-cut from Auburn-Folsom Road to Natoma Street.

Old Glory flapping over the thousands of people who came out for the grand opening

Manuevering our bikes through the throngs

Twin dog days in Folsom (above and below)

Bikes of all description were joining in.
This enterprising fellow used his for advertising a business.

Even ye' ol' 49'er!

Some cool retro bikes

Fugal Frank and his PB&J lunch

Meeting some old biker friends - Eric with Eleanor, Debbie and Warren Andersons

At Lake Natoma, the rowing crew unloading the long boat

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