Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wheeler Peak Hike

After completing the BTC and summiting Mt. Evans, we decided to go for the triple crown and bag Mt. Wheeler, the 2nd tallest peak in Nevada on the way home. Mt. Wheeler a 13,063' peak is located in Great Basin National Park near Baker on the eastern edge of Nevada.

From the trail head, it is a 5 mile; 2,800' hike to summit of Wheeler Peak

Wheeler Peak on the right

Trail follows ridge line to peak

Trail traverse a forest of aspen trees

About 2 miles into the hike, a big storm swept in and a bolt of lightening struck across the mountain scaring the dickens out of us. Heavy rains and more lightening and thunder followed. It was time to get off the mountain.

We were sopping wet by the time we got back to the van. Oh well, Wheeler Peak will have to wait for another day. Time to hit the road and head for home.

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