Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Small Wheel Society

Charter members of the SWS - Geno, Dennis, Herb, and Peter on their Bike Fridays and Moulton

The first outing of the Small Wheel Society (SWS) took place on a beautiful brisk fall day. The SWS did a excellent 45 mile loop through the delta riding along the Sacramento River, Babel Slough, and hay fields and vineyards surrounding the small town of Clarksburg.

Requisite stops included breakfast at Shorty's La Amistad Cafe, snacks at Holland Market in Clarskburg, a short visit to the Sugar Mill, concluding with ice cream at Vic's.

Big wheels interlopers joined in the fun and crashed the SWS outing.

Four interlopers on the right

The whole gang - L-R Herb Lee, Peter Saucerman, Dennis Renault (from Monterey), Dennis Engblom, Eric Saur, Mike Broderick, and Dick Fraschetti

Herb's Bike Friday

Peter's Moulton

Dennis's Bike Friday

Friday and Moulton trucking down Jefferson Road

Along bucolic Babel Slough

Babel Slough - feels like the bayou

More Babel Slough - watch out for alligator crossing!

Swinging left toward Jefferson

Hammering down Jefferson - the toy bikes can keep up with the big boys - the secret is in the amazing gears

Peter and Dennis

Big Dennis, former Sac Bee political cartoonist and long-time friend from Monterey, was the inspiration for me to buy my Friday. He came up and visited for several days.

Breakfast break at Shorty's, a wonderful Mexican eatery located out in the middle of nowhere

The bikes

The lads

Stopping at the renovated Clarksburg Sugar Mill - transformed from industrial use into retail complex

Tasting rooms from local wineries are located off the main hall

Bac in Sac - final stop at Vic's Ice Cream Parlor in Old Land Park

The brisk day turns warm and the lads seek shade

45 miles later - Eric earns a big scoop

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