Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Prehistoric Beasts of Borrego Valley

An AMAZING display!!

Scattered around the desert surrounding Borrego Springs, are more than 50 giant metal sculptures of birds and beasts that used to roam the desert valley.

A collaboration between property owner Dennis Avery and metal artist Ricardo Breceda has created a surreal scene of dinosaurs, saber-tooth cats, sloths, elephants, turtles, camels, horses, and raptors that inhabited this region thousands and millions of years ago.

These creatures are located helter-skelter on various parcels owned by Avery. The wonderful thing is he allows public access to the pieces and you can walk right up to them.

On two of our riding days, we rode around Borrego Springs searching for as many beasts as we could find. Here is a sampling of the ones we found. How fun!!

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