Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mighty Texas Dog Walk

Peter bought a event t-shirt for Susan

We spent 2 days back in Austin after the tour staying again at Camp Verde. After repacking our small bikes into Samsonite suitcases, we attended the Mighty Texas Dog Walk on the 1st Ave. Bridge where the Austin dog owners were going after the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest dog walk gathering of 11,000 dogs. Whether they succeeded in breaking the record is unknown but the event was one hilarious event for dog lovers. How fun is this. . .

Just like a fun run, dog owners registered their pooches

Signing up Fido

Prepping for the start

A doggie water stop

Sag Wagon

A fun-looking mutt

A fork in the road

One of many dog vendors giving out freebies

Doing the poodle beg . . . reminded me of my buddy Nikki (my neighbor's schnoodle)

Waggin Train, another vendor

Winston, looks a little undignified wearing a tie-dye t-shirt

They're off and walking . . .

Across the 1st Ave Bridge which was closed to traffic

Heading downtown for several blocks

Oops . . . unofficial poopie stop

25 seconds of fame

A little cutie


Hmmm, the owners were looking good too

Benji look alike

Another vendor

With Scooby Doo and gang


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