Friday, May 14, 2010

BBQ at Fern Grove

Most of the Wheelmen stayed at the Fern Grove Cottages in Guerneville which has hosted the club for more than 10 years. It is a fine establishment run by friendly inn keepers - Mike and Margaret Kennett. The lovingly restored cottages are tucked away in a redwood forest and is a perfect base camp for outings to the coast and inland valleys.

One of the evenings, the club hosted a BBQ which the campers - Eric, Bob and I attended.

A backyard BBQ at the Fern Grove

Susie Brown, Linda Ziezler, and Ron Brown

Doing the manly man's job - Dick Shultz and Bill Floyd

Linda Bos and Lacy

Big Dick "Bagbaum" - the Mileage King

Glenn Moore ~~ the one man band ~~ where's the monkey?!


L-R Vicky, Bob, Barbara, Dick and Margaret (inn-keeper) and my plate

We also celebrated Gil and Sabrina's 5th wedding anniversary

Sabrina and Gil, 5 years and still going strong !!!

Gil gives a humorous little speech before the toast

A big thanks to the trip organizers - Richard Ziezler and Ron Brown - another superb trip to the north coast.

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