Monday, August 16, 2010

Hike to Twin Lakes and Island Lake

Brooke in a field of corn lillies

Bob led Brooke and I on a beautiful 8 mile RT hike from Wrights Lake to Twin and Island Lakes tucked against the Sierras in the Desolation Wilderness

A steady climb of 4+ miles - 2,000' - over slabs of granite

At a rest stop with dramatic views

We followed cascading Silver Creek to the lakes

A neat meadow about half way up

Arriving at Twin Lakes

Massive granite ridge overlooks an arm of Twin Lakes

Annie, a big bear like dog, was friendlier than she looks

Brooke at an unnamed small lake between Twin and Island Lakes

Beautiful fields of wildflowers at around 8,000' elevation (above and below)

Bob pointing out some significant landmarks

Heading back down. Bob takes us off trail and we bushwhack our way down to Wrights Lake

Looking down at Wrights Lake where we started

It was fun and easy taking the granite super highway back to the lake

The neatest part of the hike was following cascading Silver Creek to the trailhead

Creek shoots down a V-notch

Stream spreads out over granite slabs (above and below)

Brooke over one of several enchanted pools - super swimming holes

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dAwN said...

i WANT TO DO THAT hIKE! Looks very cool! How are ya?