Monday, August 16, 2010

Wrights Lake Getaway

Wrights Lake at sunset

Wrights Lake is tucked away near the western edge of Desolation Wilderness. The Cykowski Family owns a rustic little cabin on the lake. I joined the Fraschettis and their daughter Brooke who was visiting from Atlanta for a great 3 day outing at the cabin.

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At the Cabin

Front - Me, Brooke, Jill
Back - Dick, Jan, Bob

Bob and Brooke getting warm around ye' ol' campfire

Dad and daughter

An old fashion BBQ. Great eats at the Cykowski cabin.

Oars and Outhouse

Beautiful Wrights Lake at sunset

1 comment:

dAwN said...

IT looks absolutely beautiful and peaceful there..The cabin looks lovely from the outside..
next time i would love to see what the cabin looks like inside:)