Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trek Meals

Apple Pie for Mick

Our trek had a cook crew of six with Changa the head cook. The staff produced awesome meals which kept us well fueled for the arduous hikes. It was nothing short of amazing what came out of the primitive cook tent.

Changa's meals were one of the highlights of the trek. Deserts were his specialty and he baked some tasty beautiful cakes and pies.

Here's a sampling of our meals.

On our drive to the trail-head, we stopped at the Blue Heaven Restaurant for a nice buffet lunch

Chow mien, rice, beans and potatoes, and vegetables

Omelettes, toast, and porridge for breakfast

Eggs and crepes

Cheese sandwich, fried egg, vegetables for lunch

When the weather allowed, al fresco dining

Eggs and tortilla for breakfast

Pizza pies

Accompanied with potatoes, vegetables and wieners

On festival night, we joined the crew for a goat dinner

Goat stew, rice w/ lentals (Dal Bhaat), vegetables

Vegetable w/ noodles

Cake for dessert

Cooking with butane

Table set for breakfast

Apple pancake

Sausages and cheese breakfast buns

Crew cooking in the kitchen tent

Pasta, potatoes, and vegetables

Beans, bread and some kind of meat dish

Noodles and fried rice

Changa serving up cherry cake

Pudding for dessert

Sardines in tomato sauce, vegetables, potatoes and rice

The entire kitchen crew

Well said

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