Tuesday, December 21, 2010

High Flows

Sign under water at Discovery Park

The winter of 2010-11, is starting out to be a very wet year. So far, in mid-December, the Sacramento Valley has received 150% of normal rainfall. And there are still another 3-4 months of winter ahead. This past week, wave after wave of storms pounded the west coast.

During times like this, I put away the bike and put on my walking shoes and go out for long walks between raindrops. Living close to downtown, some of my favorite walks are doing big loops through the downtown/mid-town districts, or along the Sacramento River.

Many of my cycling compatriots join me on these urban hikes and formed an informal walking club. Stopping off for coffee and/or lunch is always a prerequisite and we pick and try out new eating venues or patronize some old favorites.

Today, we wanted to check out the high flows of the American and Sacramento Rivers. We did a 7 mile loop heading up to the Richards Blvd. District and hiked on the Two Rivers Bike Path (south-side of the American River) to the confluence with the Sacramento River at Discovery Park. We continued the walk down river to Old Sacramento.

Lunch break was at the Crocker Cafe in the new Crocker Art Museum. The cafe has received alot of positive reviews so we were eager to try it out. It was great! Dining in the large event space on the first floor with large windows facing the Victorian Crocker is a spectacular place to dine.

Joining me today were Herb, Dick, his daughter Brooke and husband Paul. They live in Atlanta and are visiting for the holidays.

Click on pic once/twice for enlarged view

View of the swollen American River from the Two Rivers Bike Path (south side of the river)

Walking on the levee on the south-side of the American

View of the I-5 Freeway near Discovery Park

How times have changed. The old Rusty Duck Restaurant building is shuttered. It was one of the hottest eateries in the 1980's. They should turn it into loft housing.

View of the American from the Rusty Duck

High flows under the I-5 freeway

The Jibboom Street Bridge

The confluence of the two rivers at Discovery Park is as wide as the Mississippi River.

Lone biker riding through flooded Disco Park on the bike path

Herb on Jibboom Street Bridge taking pic of flooded Disco Park

View of American and I-5 freeway

View of west-side of Jibboom Street Bridge

Looking up-river of Sacramento River at Crawdad's marina

The City water in-take plant on the Sacramento

Looking up-river at old intake tower

Today's walkers - Herb, Paul, Brooke, and Dick. Steve G. also joined us but had to cut it short.

Brooke on the bow of the Titanic!

Sail posts on the intake plant bridge

The UP RR Bridge and CalSTRS building

Only about 5' of freeboard

The majestic CalSTRS office building in West Sac

It's X-mas in Old Sac

The high flow of the river raises the floating docking barges, thus pushing the connecting gang-planks up. You have to walk uphill to get to the floating docks. Under normal flows, the gang-planks angle down.

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