Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fairy Falls Hike

Ripping waterfall below Camp Far West Reservior

Located about an hour's drive north of Sacramento, is the Spenceville Wildlife Area encompassing 11,942 acres of beautiful oak woodland hills. Dry Creek is the major tributary flowing through the Wildlife Area.

With above average rainfall this year, Dry Creek is not so dry. It is flowing pretty good and late winter is a prime time to visit. About 2 1/2 miles from the trail-head is Fairy Falls, consisting of two major falls (Upper and Lower Falls) separated by a couple deep pools, as it cascades down Dry Creek.

Today, Herb and Kay Lee, Mike Broderick, Dick Fraschetti and I drove up to Spenceville to check out the falls. Enroute, we stopped at Camp Far West Reservior which is at max capacity.
A tremendous amount of water is flowing over the dam's spillway and roaring into Bear River.

Dick, Herb, Kay and Mike above Bear River

We hike over a little hill to get a close-up view of the waterfall roaring out of Camp Far West

It was really cranking!!

Camp Far West at max capacity

Don't jump Mike!

Water flowing over spillway of Camp Far West into Bear River (above and below)

About 10 miles east of Camp Far West is the Spenceville Wildlife Area. Dry Creek was flowing pretty good this year (above and below).

Hiking the low road to Fairy Falls

Spenceville is noted for its stately oaks

Dry Creek below Fairy Falls

A little side waterfall flowing into Dry Creek

First glimpse of Lower Falls behind boulder

Lower Falls drops 60'

A couple deep pools between upper and lower falls

View of Dry Creek below Lower Falls

Dramatic Upper Falls plunges 60'

Another view of Upper Falls

Above Upper Falls is a bump and drop

View of creek above Upper Falls

Herb on the edge

New growth of California buck-eye leaves . . . spring is near

Heading back . . . end of a beautiful day

Me and the cows


dAwN said...

Looks like a lovely hike and a super day with friends-Love to you-Jeff and I are having a nice time in Florida this winter!

brthomas said...

Spenceville is definitely a gem of a hiking spot! I hiked to Fairy Falls and got photos on an extreme high flow day.