Sunday, August 21, 2011


OK, got your attention!?

The joys of cycle touring is meeting people and engaging in light conversation, no matter how brief it may be. We met our share of nice looking women, mostly in diners and coffee houses, who didn't mind having their picture taken.

Here's a few . . . enjoy!

Alicia, the 3-star general, at Sacket Harbor, NY

Angela at Dairyman's Diner, NY, serving great pie ala mode

Forgot her name or where but the lunch was great

Kate serving brat-dog at Hops Spot in Sacket Harbor, NY

Barrista at Speeder and Earles in Burlington, VT

Chantelly, serving lemon-raspberry pancakes, at Pop Shoppe Diner in Lewiston, ME

Haley, at Poor Folks Gourmet Restaurant, in Bar Harbor, ME

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