Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park

Picturesque Bar Harbor and Porcupine Islands

Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park was the eastern most destination of the tour.
We reached Bar Harbor at the end of the 4th week, right on schedule.

We booked a motel in Bar Harbor for 3 nights. The motel was within walking distance of the town's attractions and near the National Park.

I took advantage of the free shuttle bus system to visit the Park on a rainy day and other attractions on Desert Island.

We spent 3-days exploring the Park and hanging out in town.

Colorful boats contribute to the ambiance of the Harbor

Bonaparte or black-headed gull (L) and female Eider Ducks (R)
Typical Bar Harbor home

Lobster pizza . . . what else?

Riding up Cadillac Mt., at 1,350', the highest peak on the US eastern seaboard

View of the Porcupine Islands from Cadillac Mt.

At the top - a 6-mile, 1,350' climb from Bar Harbor

360-degree panoramic views from the top

A nice view of Bar Harbor from the top

Great slabs of granite form the cap of Cadillac Mt.

View north toward Canada

Jordon Pond below

Beautiful native plants in the Wild Garden

Sandy Cove along the Loop Rd.

Rocky coast line on the Loop Rd.

It's raining pretty heavy today so I take the shuttle bus on the Loop Rd.

Thunder Hole

Taking the ferry to Skoodic Peninsula, another part of the National Park. A 45 minute ride from Bar Harbor to Winter Harbor.

Bob and Lilly, the Seadog

Lilly - part lab, mastiff, pit-bull - belonged to the ferry deck-hand

Lobster boat zips by

Shear cliffs of Porcupine Island

Frenchman Bay is full of lobster traps

Riding the 12-mile loop road on Skoodic Peninsula

Very scenic, low traffic - biking is a great way to see the sights

Skoodic Point, known for its extensive granite shoreline

Another blow hole

Great blocks of granite on the Point

The Rockefeller Apt . building on the campus of the Skoodic Educational and Research Center (SERC)

Very impressive stone and brick facade

Chatting with Professor Lisa, who explained the mission of SERC - an interdisciplinary learning and research center that enhances the understanding of natural and cultural resources of the National Park system.


Cool sculpture in front of admin. building

Classic red canoe photo. A cliche but had to take it.

Cleat sculpture in Winter Harbor designed by Dan Meserve, famous stone artist.

Has a very Japaneeze feel.

We had lunch at Nui's hot-dog stand in Winter Harbor. She has lived here for 6 years and told us about the challenging life in ME. She looks forward to visiting Thailand during the winters.

Visiting Littlefield Gallery in Winter Harbor with owner Kelly and Jane Littlefield standing next to sculpture. Their gallery had a nice collection of sculptures and paintings from local artists.

A great roadside lobster shop with the cookers cranked up and smokin'!

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