Friday, September 23, 2011

McGee Creek Canyon Hike

According to Dave Henry, the Sac Bee photo-journalist who chronicles the annual fall color columns, McGee Creek Canyon is the #1 place in California to view fall colors. We were probably a week too early but the canyon is spectacular none the less.

The canyon are full of aspens, birch and cottonwoods and surrounded by towering mountains. One could imagine how beautiful this place would be when the trees are in prime color.

Walking into the canyon swaths with aspens

Brown veins streak across the white mountain

A copper birch tree, a very rare specimen in the Eastern Sierra has bright red branches similar to a manzanita.

We were the only hikers in the canyon

The view back down the canyon with the White Mountains across the valley

Our destination, a horsetail waterfall located near the back of the canyon

Horsetail Falls

The aspens were just beginning to turn

Tumbling McGee Creek

We reach the base of Horsetail

Dick, Dave and Lynn

Lunch time

The ground cover is beginning to turn

Rabbit Bush were in full bloom

Lower McGee Creek and early fall colors

On the drive back down the canyon, we stop to take in the views of Crowley Lake

The view north - Hwy 395 and Mono Craters (in horizon on left)

Close-up of Mono Craters with my 400 mm lens

Two views of White Mountain - 14,252' - covered with early season snow

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Hats & Taps said...

Looks like we covered some similar terrain, Geno! I especially love the orange leaf picture and Crowley Lake! Great pics as ushe! Marie