Monday, February 20, 2012

Scenes around Bariloche, AR

Hotel Villa Huinid in Bariloche, our home for 3 nights, sits on a hillside in a beautiful garden-like setting. The roses were in full bloom.

More views of the hotel grounds

Bariloche has a strong German heritage and it is reflected in the town's architecture

In the main square

Statue of conquering general in the main square defaced by sympathizers of native Mapuche people

You can have a photograph of yourself with a St. Bernard for a fee

The erupting volcano in the Andes is still emitting ash and obscuring the skies over the lake

Mountains across the lake barely visible

Shops selling German chocolates are prevalent on Main Street

Monkey Puzzle Tree, a native, has a unusual limbs and cones.

Great murals on a wall

The finest meal of the entire trip at Don Molina Restaurant

Chicken stuffed with spinach and mushrooms wrapped in bacon and rice dish was outstanding

Frank with an adventuresome appetite ordered a goat dish

The restaurant had a large mural painted by my favorite Argentinean cartoonist, Molina Campos

The men's room door also had a Campos character

My first look at the Andes

Bariloche sits at the foot of the central Andes.
We took a day trip into the mountains to see the mountains and lakes.

Bariloche is a land of stunning lakes and mountains

Taking a walk into the forests

Allie, our local guide, leads us on a walk in the woods

The drought is killing the bamboo plants

A forest of really wild-looking trees - Arrayanes - bright cinnamon bark and the older trees are contorted and gnarly

A very bad case of acne

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