Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 NAHBS - Part 2

Touring bikes (next 4 pics)

Simplicity and exclusivity

Bike by Cykelmageren from Denmark

Photos of details (next 12 pics)

The beads on the cable is a brake lever . . . just pull on it to stop

Purple carbon belt drive

Disc brakes displayed like flowers

Wood rim

Road bikes (next 5 pics)

Tandems (next 4 pics)

Judges reviewing tandem category

Weird stuff

All terrain bike with 4 1/2" wide tires

Forget about a 29'er, this is a 36'er (above and below)

A replica of 1888 Whippet (above and 2 below) built by Paul Brodie from British Columbia

Winner of People's Choice Award

Builders waiting for the judges (above and below)

Whose going to wind the Best of Show?

End of NAHBS Blog

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