Saturday, September 8, 2012

Big Hole Valley to Quake Lake

On Hwy 43, west of Wisdom, is the Big Hole National Battlefield where a significant battle was waged between the Nez Perce Indians and US Calvary as they were attempting to escape to Canada.

The Visitor Center

Overlook of the battlefield 

Poles representing where the teepees were located when the battle occurred 

Land of 10,000 Haystacks

The most prominent  building in downtown Wisdom

It's hay harvest time in the Big Hole

Riding Hwy 278 from Wisdom to Jackson Hot Springs

Osprey mom with two fledglings

Dennis cruising over the rollers

I love the town motto

A quaint town of 27 people was one of my favorite places on the tour

Main Street

The Mercantile run by friendly people serves tasty ice cream

You gotta' luv' a place that sells farm equipment

Frank unleashing his inner peace . . . 

I hope not!

The cool bar inside the Lodge

The only other people staying at the Lodge was another group of cyclists

Taking sunset photos of the town

Jeff, who once lived in Sacramento, is a care-taker of a ranch and allowed me onto the property to snoop around

Leaving Jackson for Dillon on Hwy 278

Beaver slide and haystack loaf

The town of Jackson over Mike's shoulder

The Bitteroot Mountains border the valley to the west

Hay loaves are surrounded by fences to keep cows and elk away 

The last view of Jackson

The south end of the Big Hole Valley

Hwy 278 as it swoops up toward Big Hole Pass

This is a first . . .  Big Bob leading the pack up to the top of the pass

Jay over the summit

Frank by a display of the Beaver Slide

Mike gazing into "Medium Hole" Valley

Herb cruising into a rest stop

Time to take 5 lads

Yikes! . . . a pickup passing the hay truck and coming right at me!!

A flock of Canada Geese . . . migration time

Beaverhead Rock on Hwy 41

This area is on the Central Flyway and we're beginning to see flocks of migrating birds

White Pelicans

V-Formation of flying geese over wildlife refuge

Passing through Twin Bridges . . .

. . . and Sheridan

Stopping in Nevada City where there is a collection of historic buildings

Old Dredger

A mile up the road is Virginia City, another historic mining town

Zooming down a fantastic 10 mile descent from pass to Ennis

Best City sign of trip

Fish art of Ennis

Fish next to Madison River

A great little motel in Ennis

The Palisades on the Madison River. . . on the way to Yellowstone

Madison River

The scar in the side of the mountain delineates the massive landslide which occurred in 1959 killing 19 people,  blocked the Madison River and created Quake Lake

Standing in front of Quake Lake

Dead trees after the creation of Quake Lake

The cafe at the Campfire Resort near Quake Lake where we spent the night 

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