Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jasper to Lake Louise

Hoping to see some wildlife

Our first major ride was a 69 mile out and back from Jasper to Lake Maligne

Approaching Medicine Lake

Spotting a bald eagle

At Medicine Lake

The first wildlife sighting - an elk cow

Beautiful Lake Maligne, our destination and turn-around point

A great lunch with a view

The view of The Great Wall on the return trip

Totally magnificent!

Bull Elks by the road

Frank and Athabasca River

Stopping at Athabasca Falls on our way to the Glacierfields

"Conehead" Flowers

Athabasca Falls was glorious and ripping!

Beautiful rainbow forms next to falls

Interesting pancake rock formations below Athabasca Falls

After spending the night at a hostel at Athabasca Falls, riding Hwy 93A to the Glacierfields

Dramatic scenery along the way

First views of several glaciers

The view of the glacial field valley after cresting a 6,425' summit. 

The 2nd day's ride was the toughest of the entire tour.  A 45 mile day with 3,456' of climbing.  The last 3 miles leading up to the summit was an unrelenting 10-13% grade.

The Glacierfields Hotel lies hidden around the corner in the above pic. It seemed like we would never get there after the grueling climb to the summit and bucking stiff headwinds the last 3 miles.

From the hotel, you get good views of the glaciers

Preparing to depart Glacierfields Hotel to Saskatchuan Crossings

Over a 6,552' summit and long descent to Saskatchuan Crossings

Hwy 93A descends down a spectacular glacially carved valley

Many great waterfalls along Hwy 93A

Our hotel at Saskatchuan Crossings with dramatic views

Continuing on Hwy 93A toward Lake Louise

Stopping at lodge for a great lunch

Aquamarine lake with awesome views

Blackfoot Glacier

Taking the Bow Valley Parkway to Banff

Some interesting history . . . a monument to internment camp housing Eastern European people during WWl

Encountering molting sheep on way to Banff

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