Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Remembering Mike 1949 - 2013

Mike Broderick led an amazing and improbable life - world traveler, mountain climber, hiker, and most of all, a world-class cycling fanatic.  There aren't many places on this planet he hasn't left his mark.

He had a beautiful home in East Sacramento and a loving and supportive spouse in Barbara who allowed Mike to follow his passion and travel to far away places with his buddies.  He was one very lucky dude.

Our two worlds came together about 4 years ago after he retired from a long and successful career in state government.  Having very similar interests, it didn't take long for us to bond and establish a strong and meaningful friendship.

I am grateful to say that we went on some incredible journeys together both state-side and over-seas before he sadly succumbed to pancreatic cancer on November 6, 2013.

Mike would always ask me, "is this blog worthy?" when taking a photo of him on one of our many ventures and outings.  Having somewhat high standards for the photos I include in my blogs, I would coyly answer, "I'll have to see how it turns out on my computer."

To honor the memory of Mike, I went through my blog archives and selected some of my favorite photos and created this special tribute to Mike.

So Mike, I want to finally answer your quires.

Yes, my friend, you are definitely blog worthy.

Here's a look back at the good times I shared with Mike.

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