Sunday, July 27, 2014

Two Bridges Ride

The two newest bridges crossing the Carquinez Straight, the Alfred Zampa Bridge built in 2003 connecting Vallejo and Crockett, and the George Miller Bridge built in 2007 connecting Benicia and Martinez have incorporated exclusive bike lanes.

The local jurisdictions in collaboration with the East Bay Parks District have designs to connect the dots to facilitate bike travel between these two bridges.  In September 2014, the Carquinez Scenic Drive between Port Costa and Martinez is scheduled to be opened to the public.

Right now, you can travel between the two bridges through a combination of on and off road bike lanes, mostly on-road.  The good news is that most of the on-road travel is on lightly trafficked streets and country roads.

Since the completion of the George Miller Bridge (south-bound bridge) in 2007, riding the loop between the two bridges have been on my "to do" list.

I found a recommended route on the internet (shown on the blog album) connecting the two bridges - 31 miles with about 1,800' of climbing.

Today, Dick Fraschetti, Herb Lee, Kristina and David Vandershaf rode the loop with a side trip to the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo.

It's a beautiful ride through pleasant low-key communities of Benicia, Crockett, Port Costa and Martinez.

To view the album, click on "Two Bridges Ride" below photo:

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