Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Machu Picchu

After 6 days trekking over the Andes we arrived in Aqua Caliente, a small city at the foot of Machu Picchu where visitors usually stay before visiting the fabled sacred city in the sky.  Aqua Caliente is a land-locked city tucked in a narrow canyon accessible only by rail.

The itinerary of the REI Tour is to spend a day and a half at MP before catching a train to Cusco.

Being a fit group, we covered almost all of high-points of MP in the first full day - the Inka Bridge, the Sun Gate, and a thorough walk about of the main city complex.

Although I have seen numerous documentaries of MP, seeing one of the seven wonders of the world in person is an out-of-body experience.  It's hard to imagine how an ancient civilization could have constructed such an amazing city on top of a mountain without the aid of modern equipment and tools.

I kept kidding our tour guide, Fernando, that it was impossible for the Incas to accomplish such feats without the aid of extraterrestrial help.  It's totally mind-boggling to see the exacting precision of the stone work of the temples, buildings and walls on such steep terrain.

The logistics alone of supporting such a massive work force is amazing.  What makes it all the more remarkable is the Inca kings employed cooperation among the populace rather than slave labor to build its empire.

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