Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fiske Peak Hike

At 2,868', Fiske is the third highest and northern most peak on the Blue Ridge in California's north coast range.

The 4.2 mile trail to the top is quite steep and switch-backs 2,300' to the summit.  The trailhead is located at a regional park about a mile north of the Cache Creek Bridge on Hwy 16 at the north end of Capay Valley.

The best time of year to tackle this hike is during the winter or early spring when the temperatures are cool and the hills green.  The Blue Ridge Range is very hot and dry during the summer months.

Joining me on today's hike were Dick Fraschetti, Frank Gerace, Stew Patrignani, Kathy Douglas, David and Kristina Vandershaf.  For early February, the weather was spectacular.

To view the album, click on "Fiske Peak Hike" below photo:

From Fiske Peak Hike

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