Monday, April 13, 2015

Prologue - El Paso and Mesilla

The main purpose of going to El Paso was to participate in the ACA Big Bend Bike Tour.  Peter Saucerman and I decided to go a few days early to visit several national parks near El Paso - White Sands, Carlsbad and Guadalupe National Parks.

We felt we should see all the notable sights we can since when will we ever return to West Texas? Probably never.

It was a very wise decision.  We started our three day visit by touring Downtown El Paso and nearby neighborhoods.

We were blown-away by some of the cool things we saw in El Paso.  Some of the impressive places  were the new downtown AAA baseball stadium for the El Paso Chihuahuas, the Bhutanese architecture of the buildings on the campus of the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP), and some of the art-work and activities near/at the convention center.

We couldn't believe our ears when we heard the crashing of bowling pins coming out of the convention center. The national bowling championships were being held on temporary lanes erected in the convention center.  Now how cool and innovative is that?!!

There are separate blog posts for White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns.

To view the album of sights in and around El Paso and Mesilla, NM, click on " Prologue El Paso and Mesilla" below photo:

From Prologue - El Paso and Mesilla

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