Thursday, June 12, 2008

Patti's Birthday Party at Peter and Susan's

Better late than never. I just got these photos from Peter and I wanted to post our little birthday celebration we had more than a week ago for Patti's 60th on 6/4/08.

I brought over my last bottle of Penman's Springs Cabernet that we picked up at her favorite winery in Paso Robles on our last RV trip to the coast back in Jan.-Mar. I also brought over a little birthday cake from Freeport Bakery for the celebration.

Susan served a delicious dinner of shrimp risotto and fresh greens served with her homemade orange juice and olive oil salad dressing. Yum yum good!

I was also dog-sitting my neighbor's cute little schnoodle Nicki and brought her over to the party. She met and rousted with Peter and Susan's little poodle mix Sophie. It was a fun time for all.

A toast to Patti. Happy 60th my dear!!

OK, kinda' goofy but we sang the birthday song to Patti. If you haven't noticed the cake got a little lop-sided on the way over to Susan's house. It didn't affect the taste.

Susan cutting the cake into four pieces, one for me to take home.

Oh my. . . quite tastey! Pistachio cake served with Vic's chunky almond ice cream. I hope you enjoyed it my dear . . . the first bite is for you!

Nicki, the one of the left, rousting it up with Sophie

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dAwN said...

boy that cake did get lopsided..ha..looks yummy...i Love pistachio...Happy Bday Patti...we miss you..i miss you...We toasted your day with the wine from midlife crisis winery..