Sunday, June 15, 2008

Snow Mt. Hike Weekend, June 14-15, 2008

Snow Mountain - West Peak Marker

The Sacramento Hikers, led by Rich Blackmarr, tackled the twin peaks of Snow Mountain this weekend. The weather was perfect for a hike but due to the fires near Paradise, the skies were hazy and the smoke obscured views toward the Cascade and Sierra Mountain ranges to the east. The views toward the lower Sacramento Valley were also a little smokey.

In spite of limited views, the gang of 11 hikers enjoyed a beautiful weekend in the Northern California Coast Range camping Saturday night at Letts Lake and completing the 8 mile RT; 2,000+' climb to the twin summits early Sunday morning.

Snow Mountain, comprised of east and west peaks, are located in the Northern California Coast Range in the upper Sacramento Valley. The east peak at 7,058' is slightly taller than the west peak at 7,038'. Both peaks are the tallest coastal peaks north of San Francisco and 2nd tallest to Black Butte Mountain at 7,448' in the entire California Coast range. The twin peaks are the 29th highest peaks in California.

The east peak and adjacent St. Johns Mountain are visible from the I-5 interstate freeway. In normal winters, snowfall accumulates on the mountains and lasts until June.

On clear days, Mt. Diablo, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Konocti are visible to the south.

Letts Lake located at 4,000', sits amidst evergreen forests. We were all surprised at how beautiful the lake turned out to be.

A beautiful trail meanders around the small alpine lake.

Fresh fish for dinner!
A young lad, Ryan, caught this rainbow trout from a fishing platform

A mother mallard herding her brood of seven ducklings

Time to fire up the camp stoves for dinner. Relaxing and enjoying a warm evening at the Letts lake Campround.

Mike offering a hunk of polish sausage to the non-vegetarians

Don wolfing down his pre-made chicken and cole-slaw meal. Pretty yummy heh?

Early Sunday morning, start of the 2,000' hike to the summits.
L-R Herb, Don, and Frank

Hiking up and over the "Wall". The Snow Mt. Peaks are behind the mountain range on the horizon.

View back down the trail. Note the smokey haze layer on the horizon. Bummer!!

Passing an old "bristlecone-like" skeleton

Fresh corn-lillies popping up in a picturesque meadow

Frank and a big pine donut

A field of corn lillies popping up along the trail

Me, Bill and Frank at the saddle between West and East Peaks.
West Peak behind us.

Don at the top of East Peak.

Across the valley is a snowbank lying below West Peak ridge.

Herb at the top of East Peak

Me at the top of East Peak.

Saddle seperating the two peaks to the right. We hiked along the saddle to get to West Peak.

Group foto on East Peak,
elev. 7,058'

Don and Bonnie sitting
L-R standing - Herb, Frank G., Frank F., Jean, Rich, Mike (kneeling)

Video of the View on Top of Snow Mountain

At the top of West Peak, elev. 7,038'

L- R Don, Frank G., Herb

On top of the world!

Special note: When Patti was alive, she was often the hiking widow and could never do these strenous hikes. With her passing, her spirit is accompanying me on every hike.

Thanks my dear for helping me power up these mountains!!

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