Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shot Rock Vista Hike

The Sacramento County Hikers led by Rich Blackmarr completed another outstanding hike in the High Sierra on a beautiful late summer day (August 23rd). The hikers tackled the expansive granite slabs of Shot Rock Vista off Hwy 88 near Silver Lake.

Unlike most previous hikes, there was no defined trail and the hikers had to find their way across vast fields of granite slabs and bushwhack across low-growing manzanita bushes and rocky rubble.

The 7-mile loop hike traversed several stream watersheds, went by a couple ponds/lakes, and ended on an 8,000' high ridge with a view down the Bear River watershed and Bear River Lake.

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The hiker line-up L-R Tom, Chip, Rich, Mike, Jean, Dixie, Carol. Missing Frank G. and Frank F.
I'm taking pic.

Frank G. traversing Slab City. This was a cool hike with most of the route crossing vast slabs of granite. We hiked up and over the ridge lying up ahead to a beautiful unnamed lake beyond the saddle.

Some of the group heading down hill toward the first dry stream crossing

Foto opp time with group taking seats in natural granite amphitheater

Being late summer, the streams were dry but we came across a few small ponds

Heading up the first steep climb following the edge of a granite ramp

Frank G. and Jean posing in front of gnarly "bristlecone-like" pine

Discovering a beautiful unnamed lake where we stopped for lunch

Taking 5 in front of a fine lake

Tons of erratics on top of a mountain

Can you spot the hikers crossing the granite field?

From the 8,000' ridge, we can view Pyramid Peak (on right) and Desolation Wilderness way to the north

To the south is Bear River Lake

A fungi bike saddle. . . kinda' lumpy!

Following the white line, a contrasting band of granite embedded in granite field. Strange but true.

Two rocks and ponderosa pine

We had dinner at Plasses Resort on the south-shore of beautiful Silver Lake. Great way to end a fine day of hiking.

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