Tuesday, August 12, 2008



I am delighted to report that I got my first bloom of the season. The seeds sown in April are bearing "fruit" four months later. Those of you who are following my blog and attended Patti's Memorial will know that the sunflower seeds were mailed to us from our wonderful RV friends, Dawn and Jeff, who reside most of the year on the east-coast. About 100 seed packets were available for those wanting to plant the sunflowers in memory of Patti.

The stalks have shot up and are now 10-12' tall with the coming of the heat and hot sun of summer. The first bloom is on the plant on the right. A close-up shot is on the next foto below. Hopefully, the other stalks will also bloom which it appears they will.

I will leave the blooms on the plants to dry out and provide seeds for the fall migrating birds. I'm sure Patti is delighted and smiling from above at the success of Mr. Greenthumbs.

First bloom of the year!!

Isn't this great!

Patti's sunflowers

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dAwN said...

very cool...nice to see the flower...beautiful