Saturday, January 10, 2009

Natsoulas Art

Tony Natsoulas is one of Sacramento's renown ceramic artists. Last night I joined the Hastings Family - Dick, Audrey, Hillary and friend, Barb, and paid a visit to Tony and Donna's fabulous art filled home. Their home is a virtual folk art gallery with every room chock full of art made by Tony and many famous fellow Sacramento artists. We spent a fun-filled evening getting a personal tour of each room and the story behind each art piece. A big thanks to Tony and Donna for being such gracious hosts.

Note: To view enlarged photo, click the pic

A big Bob Arneson print centered over the fireplace surrounded by many funky art and 1950's period furniture graces the contemporary Streng Bros. home

X-mas is not yet over for the Natsuolas'. The fabulously decorated tree are adorned by many hand-made ornaments by Tony and other artist friends. So fun and cool!

Shelves chock-full of funky folk art

Hillary and friend

Tony with a giant piece made for UC Davis

Six Cups of Tea

Art, pie, politics and lots of yuks! . . . end to a great evening. L-R Barb, Tony, Donna, and Audrey

Hillary and another friend made of linoleum

Dick and the Barrel Man

A Clayton Baily Robot and cat . . . Hmmm, the red thing is a electric shoe brush

Another giant Tony original

The Wall of Noses made by Tony . . . sooo funny!

A couple close-ups of big snazze

Hey, a cool teardrop pulled by a Nash Ramber. Just like mine.

An Airstream made by a Marin County artist

Two Cups of Tea . . . here's looking at ya'

A Betty Grable ceramic piece

The Natsoulas's collection of egg cups

A tray of tasty cakes

A ballerina made from glass found objects glued together

Pieces made from bowling balls . . . note the shapes


dAwN said...

Wow ..some really cool art.. Loved looking at it all...and now i want to make all the pictures larger to see the detail..see ya

Adele said...

Geno, I LOVED this blog. Reminds me of an artist blogger I love to follow. She posts the greatest links. Having fun watching things through your eyes.