Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Upper Sacramento Valley Birding

January is prime-time to go birding in the Upper Sacramento Valley with migrating birds wintering in the refuges and flooded fields and ponds of Butte and Colusa Counties. Today we visited Sacramento National, Greylodge and Colusa Wildlife Refuges and wetland fields north of Marysville and Yuba City.

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An unseasonably warm day in the Big Valley was a perfect day for birding . Dick at a viewing platform at Sac National.

The snow-capped Snow Mountain Range bordering the valley to the west. I hiked these mountains last summer.

Islands in the Sky . . . Sutter Buttes, an odd geologic formation, lies in the middle of the central valley near the refuges

A couple great views of the Buttes (above and below)

Firestorm! . . . appears like early rice fields burning in January!
Signs of a bad drought year.

White-faced Ibis and brewers blackbirds

More ibis's

Solo Ibis

Western Meadowlark

Lark Sparrow

Tundra Swans

Belted Kingfisher

Northern Pintail Ducks

Northern Shoveler

Two flying shovelers and ibis

Shoveler butts

Great Blue Heron

Ring-neck duck

Juvenile red-shouldered hawk

Ruddy Ducks

Mostly Ross' Geese

Mostly Snow Geese

Lotsa' snow geese

More snow geese

Snow geese

Snow geese and Mt. Lassen

Greater white-fronted geese and Mt. Lassen

Greater white-fronted geese

Totally Awesome!! . . .
this peregrine falcon was sharing the same tree with the bald eagle below


Bald eagle putting on a great air show

A family of four bald eagles - two adults (top L & R) and two immatures

Uncle Sam

Scruffy deer


dAwN said...

wow wish we were on that birdie trip with you guys! Great stuff seen...and those eagles..Great photos!
Oh and cute monster ears on the scruffy deer.

Robin said...

You seem to be getting the hang of this blogging thing! Great pics and commentary. Keep it coming. I check in often.

Tony said...

HiGeno - I've been enjoying your hiking and cycling tales the last couple of days. I'm looking for hiking companions, and tried Googling Sacramento Valley
Hikers with no luck - perhaps it is a private group. But if you might be accepting another member, you can learn more about me at www.tonymindling.com, and email me at mindling@comcast.net. Cheers, and keep the tales coming!