Monday, August 24, 2009

Bagging Mt. Goode-Enuf

View of Mt. Goode, elevation 13,085'

Our goal for the day was to bag Mt. Goode which is located west of Bishop Pass. A beautiful 5-mile trail takes you past several alpine lakes before you divert off trail between Saddle Rock and Bishop Lakes to scramble the remaining 2-miles over rock and rubble to the summit.

It took us 8 1/2 hours to complete the 14 mile (3,000+' gain) RT hike and scramble.

Part of the group attempting to climb Mt. Goode - Jesse, Mike, Herb, Harvey and Jay at South Lake at the trail-head sign

In front of Long Lake and Hurd Peak

Passing a picturesque little lake soon to become a meadow

The north-face of Mt. Goode looms above Long Lake. We will circle around the mountain and approach the summit from the south-side.

The trail begins to climb from Long Lake toward Bishop Lake

Jay near a waterfall

We divert off trail between Saddle Rock and Bishop Lakes

Seep-Spring Monkey Flowers

Rich and Jay slogging up through rock field toward south-side of Mt. Goode

Above 12,000'. Can you spot the lads?
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View of Saddle Rock and Bishop Lakes where we diverted off trail between the two lakes

Off to the east is Bishop Pass - 11,972' - located at bottom of slope

Rich and Jay continue to slog on up

Is the peak on the right Mt. Goode ?. . . or

. . . is it the peak on the left? This one looks higher so let's go for it.

Crossing a maze of rock and rubble to reach the top. The footing became very treacherous.

The lads below me continue to slog on
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Where's Waldo? Try to find the lads.
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Picking a safe way to the top is anyone's guess. I say stay low and go left of the sharp ridge. Climbing really becomes hairy at this point.

Looking west to Le Conte Canyon

Yikes! Sharp drop off knife edge.

View from the top looking east. Bishop Lake lies below magnificent mountains. Bishop Pass to the right.

The lads approaching the top

View to south toward Ducy Basin

Close-up of lake in Ducy Basin south of Bishop Pass

Dark saw-tooth ridge south of Mt. Goode. I believe this ridge is called the Palisades.

Oooh Nooo! We went to the wrong peak! Mt. Goode (the flat top) is at the other end of the ridgeline.

Heck with it! This is Goode-Enuf! The lads climbing over last big obstacle.

Yeah! We made it to the top of Mt. Goode-Enuf!! Still a 13.

Jay and Rich summiting

Jay and Rich on summit of Mt. Goode-Enuf

Right on!! Bagging another big Sierra peak.

On the way down, I spotted a petrified owl

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