Monday, August 10, 2009

Evergreen Aviation Museum

The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum located in McMinnville, OR, is a gem with a vast collection of airplanes and artifacts dedicated to air and space history. The Museum is comprised of three buildings - Aviation, Space, and I-Max theater.

The museum complex is uniquely located on a vineyard which produces estate grown Evergreen wines. A private campground where we camped is also located on the premises.

We visited the Museum on our lay-over day during a 7 day Sacramento Wheelmen bicycle tour of northern Oregon. It was a propitious day to stay indoors since a record heat wave of 109 degrees hit Oregon during the week.

Statue of Michael King Smith

Capt. Michael Smith, USAF, the son of the museum's founder, Delford Smith was killed in an auto accident at the age of 29. Michael Smith conceived the idea of the aviation museum for McMinnville and initiated it's construction. The Museum is dedicated to the life and memory of Capt. Smith.

Front of the Air Museum housing the Spruce Goose and many planes and artifacts

Back of Museum

Shuttle people mover . . . very cute!

The hulking Spruce Goose was relocated from Long Beach and is the center-piece of the Museum

Taking the day off the bike and checking out the planes with Dale Cole

Four of eight engines of the Spruce Goose

Inside the belly of the beast

Scale model of the Spruce Goose

Under the Spruce Goose is a bevy of planes and choppers

Evergreen Industries has a large fleet of helicopters

More neat planes

This seaplane is one of my favorites

Tri-motor Tin Goose

Inside the Tin Goose

Not all exhibits were airplanes

Campground under oak trees next to the Museum

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